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Track & Field

Athlete Testing and Drills for Track & Field

  Zone Metrics offers state of the art technology to measure track & field runners of all levels, from youth clubs to college athletes. Our wearable technology and multi-zone testing can put yourathletes a step ahead of their rivals before, during, and after the season.

To get ahead, it is important to measure and understand athletes’ reaction times, speed, agility, and power throughout the season. This information can be easily gathered during training sessions or during games to identify areas of perceived improvement and strengths. 

Zone Metrics LLC wants youth athletes to focus on what is important, and recommends undertaking tests and drills with are used for SPARQ testing, as well as those which are used in major league and college combines. The following are some examples of tests and drills in use. This list is not exclusive, however, we can be flexible and create/offer many additional tests/drills you may require.

Reaction Time, Speed, Power Tests & Drills

  • Vertical Jump Test
  • Bosco Repeat Vertical Jump Test
  • 3-Hop Test
  • 10-meter Sprint Test
  • 20-meter Sprint Test
  • 30-meter Sprint Test
  • 40-meter Sprint Test
  • 60-meter Sprint Test
  • 100-meter Time
  • 200-meter Time
  • 400-meter Time
  • 1-mile Time

If you are interested in measuring and tracking your or your teams’ performance, and in gaining some tangible feedback, please contact us to set up your first session!

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