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Looking to transform your “behind-the-field” training and gaining an edge on the comptition?


Zone Metrics utilizes top of the line, state of the art, technology to measure and gather athletes’ performance metrics. All metrics are collected on individual basis, taking into consideration each athlete’s specific biometrics,  and results can be distributed either directly to each athlete for review, or to a team coach or manager for review and further distribution to each athlete.

Some of the technology currently in use include, and may not be limited to the following equipment which capture the best, most accurate performance data from each athlete:


PlayerTek™© (a Catapult Group Company) GPS player trackingsystem are sed to track and measure athletes’ performance on the fields in training andgame , tracking and monitoring demands on an athlete’s body. By placing a GPS pod on an athletes body, millions of data points can be gathered during a session through the pod’s accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and GPS systems. Some metrics which can be captured using this system include: distance covered, top peed, sprint distance, sprint direction, impacts, energy, player load, work ratio, power plays, etc. 


Swift Performance™ SpeedLights and SpeedMats© used to capture athletes’ reaction time, speed, agility, and power metrics in training situations. Athletes will be performing drills and tests by running a course set up with laser timing gates to capture extremely accurate times for those courses, or jumping on SpeedMats to capture jump height and/or power. Swift© SpeedLights and SpeedMats allows multi-zone testing and drills to be executed simultaneously, allowing entire team or multiple teams to work at the same time.

logo-pocket-radarPocket Radar™ Smart Coach©speed tracking technology is used, along with video capture application, to provide feedback for athletes’ power in terms of projectile speed, as well as athletes’ mechanics. This process allows and athlete and coaching staff to review and understand how to improve form in order to improve athletes’ power and accuracy when it comes to throwing, pitching, shooting, etc.

The provided data can be turned into meaningful performance metrics to help each athlete identify areas of performance requiring improvement, along with those areas of performance which each athlete can use for their advantage.

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