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Please fill out the form below.

Fill in your contact information, your organization, check the sport(s) in which you or your team are involved and the type(s) of performance your would like measured.

Please indicate the estimated number of athletes by sport in the provided space, for example,  Basketball (20), Volleyball (12), Soccer (22), etc.

If you have any special requests or questions, please provide those in the Message section.

All required information must be filled out in order for Zone Metrics to return a quote. A quote is based on the total number of athletes participating in combination with the number of drills/tests to be completed per team over the duration of testing period (typically a season – spring, summer, fall, winter). A typical count of drills/tests is 3-5 over a testing period, but you will decide what is the proper number for you or your team(s).

A number of drills may consist of number of measurements and tracking based on your needs:

  • Mix of speed gate, speed mat, and GPS tests
  • Only GPS monitoring and tracking
  • Mix of speed gate drills/tests and radar projectile speed capture
  • Only speed gate drills/tests
  • Etc.

What you need and want is your call…once you decide, Zone Metrics will deliver the services. 


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