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Westside United FC


Westside United Football Club, a division of Magic Soccer Club of Indiana Inc., is a premier level soccer club based out of Avon, IN. 

WSU FC has 21 State Championships, 29 state runner-ups, 1 regional finalist, 3 regional semi-finalists, and many State semi-finalist, Challenge and Presidents Cup Semi-Finalist, Finalist, and Champions.  WSU FC has produced over 300 college soccer players, and our numbers continue to grow every year.  We have multiple players involved with the ODP program on the state, regional, and national levels. 

WSU FC is dedicated to providing the best coaching for each and everyone of their teams.  They committed to providing developmentally appropriate environments for all levels of players. Experienced and nationally certified professional staff ensures that each club player receives appropriate instruction, quality leadership, and exposure to valuable life lessons. The Club’s goal is to promote and teach youth soccer in the state of Indiana and provide Premier soccer to the central Indiana area.

MISSION: To teach and promote youth soccer in the central Indiana area and provide a unique, modern, and premier soccer experience to the Westside of Indianapolis.

Westside United FC takes its player development very seriously. That is precisely why the Club decided to contract Zone Metrics LLC to help their coaching staff and athletes understand the team and individual performance levels throughout the organization. WSU FC is focused on gaining a solid insight into current performance and how they can further their overall competitive edge through changes in focused training based on testing results.

Westside United FC has undertaken a full breadth of testing during spring of 2019 with Zone Metrics LLC:

Speed and Agility testing for field players

Speed and Agility testing for goalkeepers

Radar speed and motion testing for all athletes

GPS based tracking and monitoring for all athletes

We are looking forward to realizing the overall performance improvement from tracking athletes’ performance over time with our valuable partner Westside United FC.


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