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Had the privilege to work with Franklin Women’s Soccer team in early spring 2019. The team spent one of their limited spring training session training with Zone Metrics, so that the team athletes and coaching staff could establish baseline speed and agility metrics for each athlete. The team also tool time to shoot balls for speed capture and review of each players mechanics. All this should provide a fruitful starting point for the team and staff to creating a full understanding of each players current abilities, where to improve, and finally where the teams current strengths.

Below is an extract from Franklin Colleges Athletic mission statement:

Athletics are integral ingredients in the holistic educational mission of Franklin College. Coaches should be educators first and foremost who administer their programs within the framework of the college’s educational goals. Athletes at Franklin College should be students first and foremost whose highest priority is to earn a college degree and whose conduct on and off the playing field are as important as athletic ability and performance.

It is the goal of Franklin College that its competitive sports program (in descending order of priority) should:

  • Contribute to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the participants
  • Serve as laboratories of leadership wherein valuable lessons are learned concerning discipline, sacrifice, duty, teamwork, self- confidence, goal setting, striving and the pleasure/pain which accompany both victory and defeat
  • Improve and sustain the college’s reputation and morale
  • Aid in the recruiting of students and the raising of financial contributions
  • Contribute to satisfying the public’s desire for spectator sports.

Franklin College is committed to providing equitable opportunities and resources for male and female students to participate in intercollegiate, intramural, and recreational sports.














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