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About Us

Zone Metrics is an Avon, Indiana, based family owned limited liability company. The company was established in 2018, and is managed by its Principal, Nik Markelin of Avon Indiana.

Nik has 20+ years of back ground in mobile devices and wearables technology in supply chain and lifecycle management services, as well as vendor management, but with both of his daughters involved in youth soccer, his background in youth ice hockey and rugby, and with a life-long hope to be able to contribute to youth sports and athletic development, he decided to barge on a venture to help youth athletes gain a better understanding for how they are performing in the grander picture. Nik is deeply committed to making his contribution in the youth sports arena.

Zone Metrics LLC is committed to making expensive high-tech, top of the line, tools used by professional and large collegiate athletic teams available for club teams, high school teams, colleges, and even individuals at an affordable fee structure realized through economies of scale…and Zone Metrics will bring the service to you.

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